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Dedicated to the Success of the In-House Landman

Optima Land Services is dedicated to the success of the In-House Landman by providing unrivaled service and solutions. Through our experience providing full field and in-house land services ranging from acquisition to drill-out and pay, Optima has become experts at each step of the development process. With the knowledge and experience of their management team and landmen, Optima will continue to be the standard in Oil & Gas land services.

The Optima Team is composed of a group of knowledgeable, highly motivated Petroleum Landmen that understand the importance of being timely and accurate in any land project they undertake. They pride themselves on their communication with Clients, top-notch field work, reporting in the format required by our clients, transparent and accurate billing, and the work ethic exhibited by our staff.

Optima works throughout the U.S. and has a wide network of land professionals that can kick off any land project quicker than competitors, as well as provide a superior work product. Let us know your project’s needs, and Optima will get it accomplished.




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Prospecting & Leasing

Optima’s skilled leasing team is able to negotiate and acquire leases with terms that exceed clients expectations. We emphasize clear and concise communication with our clients throughout the acquisition process. Our leasing agents are aggressive and tactful while dealing with mineral owners. We negotiate with mineral owners in a professional manner which improves the negotiation process and strengthens their relationship with our clients.

Title Research & Reporting

Thorough title research, reporting, and curing defects of title are at the core of our many years of collective experience and expertise. Each and every member of the Optima Land team is required to be a member of the AAPL, providing assurance that we aggressively pursue continuing education in order to keep our “saws sharpened” when it comes to the dynamic and ever-changing demands of our industry.

Surface & Right-of-Way

Drill site and surface assessments, easements and right-of-way can at times be a daunting challenge. At Optima, we integrate all surface elements into our client’s drilling programs. We are partnered with a licensed, professional surveyor who works in our office. Our clients find that this quickens survey times and accuracy in addition to completing emergency surveys in time to close on transactions.


Regulatory Issues

Our team has years of experience in helping our clients permit oil, salt water disposal and commercial water wells in addition to dealing with Rule 37 & 38 spacing issues. We are also well versed on setting up pooled units, production sharing agreements, allocation wells and converting allocation wells to production sharing wells to minimize risk and increase value of divestitures.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence team has a deep understanding of the information needed to prepare a proper pre-buy Due Diligence examination. We identify actual and potential conflicts such as permitting discrepancies, tax issues, unratified NPRI owners not in pay, lessors not leased in their proper capacity, and dozens of other potential issues.


Our curative team has an extensive understanding of all the complexities that arise in title research.  They are able to use a plethora of resources to get complex curative issues resolved and submitted to its clients in a timely manner.  Our curative department consists of attorneys and highly experienced landmen who work with all facets of the Optima team to solve complex curative title requirements.


Optima Land Services is committed to bringing in and retaining qualified, ambitious landmen who strive to improve their craft. We are always looking for motivated, talented people that enjoy solving problems to join the team. Optima is always looking for talented members to fill the following roles:

  • Title Examiners

  • Lease Analysts

  • Lease Purchasers

  • Curative Landmen

  • Land Technicians

  • ROW Agents

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