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In 2014, a group of five landmen decided to open up their own land services company based in the booming Permian Basin. The goal was to provide unparalleled land services to the In-House Landman, making their company and their clients widely successful. Since opening up shop from the Wilco Building in Downtown Midland, Optima has exceeded this goal and has seen that small team of five landmen around a conference table expand into one of the most reputable and ambitious land brokerages in the United States. Optima has not been just another vendor to their clients, but a true extension of their land departments.

Optima’s headquarters is in Midland, TX, and they know the Permian better than any other land services provider due to their landmen’s shared experience in West Texas. In addition to this, Optima has become more active outside the Permian, bringing on new projects outside the Permian, as well as reputable landmen with decades of experience throughout the U.S., from the Marcellus to the Eagle Ford and everywhere in-between to manage these projects. With its wide ranged network of landmen and connections, Optima can get any land project kicked off faster than its competitors, regardless of the location.

While Optima has seen great growth in the last few years, they have only just scratched the surface of the grander things yet to come. Through Optima’s investment in their landmen and the ability to embrace the technology and information that has flooded the oil and gas land industry, Optima has positioned itself as the best brokerage to partner up with in the United States. Optima Land Services has made a pledge to be dedicated to the success of the in-house landman, the brilliant people that work with them, and to the communities they inhabit, and this will never change.